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A regular client who continues to attends after moving to a new location 200 miles away December 2013

Just want to say a huge thank you for all the wisdom you have past over to me the last 18 months and helping me believe anything is now possible, Neil x

A client who overcame a spider phobia November 2013

Hi Julie how are you? I thought i would share with you my accomplishment just now. I just put the bin outside and for that i had to go through the small corridor and door outside my house. The one with cobwebs and spiders. All in complete darkness and alone. I feel so proud of myself i could throw a party. :-) A big thank you again for your help. V.V.

Rosemary July 2012

Hello Julie
I just wanted to say one enormous thank you!!!
I have woken up today and i honestly feel great. It was my 3rd session of hypnosis last night and I feel like we have cracked my issues once and for all. We broke the habit of a life time and I am thrilled with that! It really feels Like you have magical powers.. Like Aladdin and his lamp!! At the start you asked me to provide you with what felt like a shopping list of how I wanted to feel and you have made me feel exactly how I asked... Wow it really is incredible!
I knew when I met you only a few weeks ago when I was at my very lowest that we would have a lasting bond and I’m so glad you have come in to my life.
Thanks for helping me achieve happiness again and for helping me to realise I can do whatever I want to do and for that I am eternally grateful.


I came for a reflexology session with Julie 10 years ago and have been coming ever since. Julie is a kind and considerate therapist who makes you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the door.
As a result of Julie's ability and the fact that her therapys work, I decided to also have hypnotherapy. After 10 years of following a cycle of binge and yo-yo dieting, just one session of hypnotherapy has broke this cycle. I no longer think about food every minute of the day! And I no longer binge on "bad foods" to make up for the fact that I have been on a diet. I also no longer then eat more bad food to punish myself for breaking my diet!
If you are thinking about having any therapies take the plunge, you will feel definitely feel better after your treatment, I can guarantee it! Thank you Julie x


Thank you Julie, for introducing me to Reflexology and renewing me! I can't tell you how grateful I am. Be seeing you again soon.


Dear Julie,
I hope you are as well as I feel. Just had to write a progress report. November is almost over and I've only had a few days when it felt the sky was falling in on me. Thanks to you the November blues have vastly improved this year. Now my back trouble, which as you may recall has been with me for almost forty years has vanished, VANISHED, for what I hope is the remainder of my life. How do you manage to cure such an affliction, the National Health Service could learn a thing or two from your fingers. I really am at a loss for words to express my gratitude to you.
Kindest regards.


Hello Julie,
Moving on much stronger, holistically and multidimensionally, my body, mind and spirit. Taking hold of my much improved health and giving myself time for myself to consolidating my healing. Learning to be with me on another level and revelations to heal and bless.
My time with you has been so important in enabling me to cope through much trauma experience. I very much appreciate your care, your time, your insights enabling me to be me and getting to know me in a safe and comfortable place.
I will always treasure the part you have played in my life, now no longer a stranger to me.


Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for all you have done for me in the last three months. I came to you with pelvic inflammatory disease, which ( I was told) would greatly reduce my chances of conceiving.
After two months of sessions with you, I was amazed when I discovered I was pregnant. I am convinced that your reflexology treatment kick-started my body into healing itself – as well as the vitamins I have been taking that you recommended.
Thank you so very much.


Dear Julie,
My son, now five years old, has been suffering from severe eczema/asthma from the age of three months. From being three months old he was on a cocktail of drugs to help reduce the inflammation and breathing difficulties. When he had severe flair ups, steroid creams, inhalers and repeat courses of antibiotics were used. Unfortunately for us, things came to a head when he was 18 months old when he suffered recurrent bouts of boils which resulted in him being in and out of hospital for surgical removal and long term antibiotics.
The doctor/consultant could not do anything further, telling us that he would eventually grow out of it. We tied several alternative therapies, including homeopathy, Chinese herbs and home made remedies. My wife and I were exhausted, as we had no joy in finding a cure for our son. A friend of mine suggested we try a holistic approach and from the Yellow Pages we came across your number.
Since the treatment, my son has gone from strength to strength. Within one week the boils had cleared up, his skin had dramatically improved and his breathing was no longer inhaler dependent. My family and I think that your treatment is wonderful and will always consider it for the future reference, spreading the word.
I cannot thank you enough for the relief of my sons suffering and the endless worry my wife and I have endured over the past five years.
We are very grateful.


Dear Julie,
I cannot even begin to express in words my sincere thanks for all the effort that you have put into my wellbeing. You have done so much for me that I am forever grateful to you. Because of you I am well enough to just carry on with my normal duties. Thank you very much Julie. Do look after yourself, and best wishes.


Hello Julie,
I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your care, and guidance, and attention towards me over the time I have been treated by you. The massage I recived on Saturday really helped me so much. I had a profound sleep that evening and managed to do something which I had wanted to do for over two years. Get up early and go to the market. People whom I meet and talked too remarked on how well I look. I felt very rested, positive and strong, even though the pains are still there. I wish you many blessings and hope you keep strong yourself.
Good luck and thanks.


Dear Julie,
Thank you for your treatments of reflexology/reiki. These therapies were so helpful in enabling me to recover fully from my surgery. I will be back for more.


Very relaxing, well worth it!


Very relaxing, only wish it could have gone on longer!


Excellent, wonderful. Relaxing and informative.


Terrific, relaxing and well worth it.


I recently did Reiki 1st degree training with Julie and Peter and found the whole experience a positive one. The environment which the training took place in felt safe and comfortable. The content of the session was delivered in an informal and personal way and Julie and Peter are very experienced and knowledgeable in the subject matter.
Following the session I felt a sense of wellbeing and calm and hope to carry on using Reiki for the well being of myself and others.


Excellent, can’t wait to return to work!


Wonderful, brilliant, must do this again!

Marion B

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Reiki 1 course. I found the atmosphere very relaxing and informative.
Since doing the course I have used it on friends, my husband and myself. I have found it particularly helpful for many things, e.g. stiffness, headaches and stress. The use of Reiki has definitely helped me, friends and family. I have even used it on my mum's dog. I would like to thank Julie and Peter, both Reiki Masters, for making the experience so enjoyable.


After more than a decade being a smoker and countless attempts at quitting, I had one session of hypnotherapy with Julie and have not touched nicotine since. And amazingly, it has been easy.
I’d spent years in a cycle of smoking until fear and guilt got too much, resolving to quit in anger and relief, hating myself when my resolve crumbled when I met specific situations; the impossible one being end-of-week, friends & alcohol at a pub or party.
I realized that this cycle was as damaging to my self esteem as the smoking was to my body, but I still just couldn’t stop.
I saw Julie just before Christmas, but she assured me that if I wanted to stop smoking the session would work and the approaching parties, alcohol and family stresses wouldn’t be a problem.
The weren’t! I just didn’t want to. There have only been one or two moments when some part of my has watched smokers getting baccy out and though ‘mmm, that might be nice’ but rather than this bit of me taking over and lighting up before I’d even considered it, what happened is that all the other bits of my head got together and I realize I’ve no desire to smoke at all. Julie said what I should do if seriously tempted, but I haven’t had to do it.
Needless to say I’m very, very happy that I got round to trying to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. I’d been toying with the idea for years, but sometimes the biggest, most important things are the easiest to delay.
I’m very grateful!

A.C. December 2008

I had some long standing problems with confidence, deep rooted “demons” and low esteem.
Having tried several ways over the years to overcome these without success, I decided to have another attempt and reached for the Thomson Local Directory and came across Julie’s advertisement.
Since then I have had six treatment sessions with her and I can say I am feeling much better.
I am more confident, can overcome knockbacks easier and my “demons” have virtually disappeared.
Because of this, I can recommend with assurance anyone, with such feelings as I had, to contact Julie.
She is a caring, understanding, thoroughly professional, lady and also is both friendly and pleasant.

D.Q. 2008

Just to say “Thank You” for the Hypno and Reiki session last week.
They have really helped. You are a natural healer.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the event great at the weekend.
The guests thoroughly enjoyed it and left smiling :-)
I will be in touch about any future events coming up and as soon as we get funding we can do much more.
All the best,
Leading Light
(Re Social Phobia weekend)

Hypnotherapy for Binge Drinking, February 2012

Hi Julie,
So far so good! Have not had a drink since Dec.31 & just come back from a weeks holiday. Plus getting to sleep ok, so thanks v. Much

Maria August 2002

Thank you for what you have given me so far
You have a true gift

Jo H. December 2012

Thank you so much for your support and just being there.

Jo December 2013

Hi Julie.
I'm good thanks. Since I came to see you my confidence has grown and grown. I am doing well at work, in fact I've just gone for a new job which is quite senior and one I would never have felt I could do. I am also a mum of two wonderful children!
I hope all is well with you. I often think of how you helped me with great thanks. Jo

>K November 2013

Hi Julie, just wanted to let you know since seeing you my digestive system has been perfect!