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Business & Organisational Solutions. Bringing You Healthier, Happier, Employees

Your greatest asset, and possibly the most expensive, are the staff you employ. You have invested in their recruitment and training. But perhaps there are problems. Maybe they have personal problems, or have encountered periods of ill health. Maybe they are under-performing or there are obstacles that are hindering their achievements.

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We can help.

Combining many years of experience, Human Resources skills, and a range of therapeutic techniques, we can help you bring out the best in your staff, reach your goals more easily. This will help you to have a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

This can be at zero to minimal cost to your company.

Free group presentations to staff allowing them to discover how they can help themselves.

Your staff may then choose to obtain assistance in their own time, or you may give them time off for their appointment. The employee may pay for their sessions or you may see fit to fund their time with Human Touch professionals.

How Human Touch Can Help You

We can unburden you of time consuming and often stressful management of human problems affecting the workplace.

Even the most efficient and effective employee can hit a rough patch. Respecting the line managers’ role as the first point of response, we complement the skills and abilities of your managers in bringing out the best in your employees.

Onsite Services

You may wish to invest further in your staff and invite Human Touch to undertake sessions on your premises. These are available in blocks of three hours and can be on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Areas in Which We Can Help You

  • Stress Management - (In line with legislation, for the benefit of you and your staff, we aim to reduce stress and thus improve your productivity)
  • Performance Enhancement - (For example presentation skills, professional exams)
  • Attendance & Ill Health Counselling - (Absence makes the bills grow longer; we aim to help your staff to spend more time at work )
  • Addiction Management - (For example Smoking)
  • Fear and Phobia Management - (For example fear of heights, flying)
  • Help at times of emotional crisis - (For example bereavement, marital problems, family illness, major life changes, moving house)
  • Team & Functional Problems - (For example hidden problems in your team)
  • Help with Acute and Chronic Illness - (For example Back Pain, Headaches, IBS, Fatigue)

All approaches used are bespoke to the individual and include Talking Therapies, HR Methods, and where indicated, Touch Therapies. (Qualifications available on request)