Talking Therapy

Counselling & Gold Counselling


Counselling is given before therapy to ensure that it is appropriate as a treatment and is incorporated into hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and Gold Counselling. Julie studied Counselling at an academic level as part of her Psychology Degree, in addition to the therapeutic setting.

Gold Counselling

Gold Counselling combines traditional counselling techniques and adapts them effectively in a structured psychotherapeutic approach, mapping and re-aligning belief systems.

During the last few years, significant advances have been made in the understandings of how we think and operate within the world. From these advances, it has been possible to develop a new way of thinking to become aware of the ideas, values and beliefs which are stored within each of us.

This therapy integrates these understandings with conventional counselling and psychotherapy to improve wellbeing and overcome problems.

With Gold Counselling you get the benefits of other forms of counselling PLUS the effectiveness of these specialised techniques making treatment much quicker and more effective.