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Welcome to the Human Touch website.

Human Touch was established in 1996 as a Centre for Complementary Medicine and Holistic Therapy. Aiming to offer help to all providing the best effective therapeutic treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Each human being is wonderful and has an astounding natural ability to heal and improve. The therapies offered by Human Touch act as a catalyst. We strive to help to bring the best out in our clients, recognising and developing positive traits and abilities in people; whilst reducing the negative effects of such things as stress, fear, ill health and discomfort and helping promote a higher quality of life.

The bespoke services we offer are designed to meet your individual needs and may be varied at each session according to your progress and personal preference.

Holistic Therapy looks at the person as a whole, with special regard to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Complementary medicine complements western allopathic medicine with natural therapies.

Holistic Therapy recognises that the many stresses and strains of life can manifest themselves in illness, pain and disease.

The therapies and approaches used aim to help you help yourself to maximise your health, happiness and vitality and reduce pain and stress levels.

NB If you are already receiving treatment for an illness or disorder, you should liaise with your Doctor, prior to starting therapy.